Facility Sanitizing Solutions

Ensure a healthy building by protecting the people in them. Strategic placement of convenient hand
sanitizing solutions is an ideal way to support an already existing building maintenance plan.

Strategic Placement of Building Sanitizing Solutions

Choose from our collection of wall-mounted, tabletop or free-standing sanitizer stands with manual dispensers for your office or building space.  Durable sanitizing stations are equipped with manual foaming dispensers – made from ABS plastic and equipped with locking device.
Each dispenser has a 1,000 ml capacity and dispenses .08ml of Total Sanitizer’s Antiseptic Foaming Sanitizer per pump.

Total Sanitizer’s Antiseptic Foaming Skin Sanitizer is an exceptionally mild, but effective cleansing
formula that kills germs without the use of soap and water. Our proprietary formula is completely
non-toxic, alcohol-free and FDA category III drug compliant.

ASTM lab tested for safety and efficacy, Total Sanitizer’s Skin Sanitizer kills 99.999% of most common, illness causing germs including Norovirus, E. Coli, MRSA, Staph and more.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Close quarters, high “hand to  surface” contact, frequent use. 

Reception & Lobby Areas

High levels of daily foot traffic, endless common touch points, large and open spaces 


High potential for cross contamination, high “hand to surface” incidents, food prep area challenges. 


Sanitizer Dispenser Stands, Table-Top & Wall Mount Unit

Wooden Sanitizer Station
• Wooden Design- custom color options available
• Option for 3” wipes dispenser add-on available
• Perfect for public facing common areas within
high traffic buildings.

Wire Frame Sanitizing Station
• Multi-purpose, metal frame
• Customizable top sign holder option available
• Perfect for office spaces, meeting/conference
rooms and kitchen areas

Table-Top & Wall Mount Units
• Attractive and functional
• Unobtrusive
• Ideal for large, high trafficked building spaces.

Need Help?

Download the Total Sanitizer Facility Sanitizing Solutions Planning Tool to assess
your building’s challenge areas.  Identify entry/exit points, common gathering areas
and high traffic areas with your building with this easy to use tracker.    

What’s Included

Target your building’s hot spots with Total Sanitizer facility sanitizing solutions.  

  • Meeting & Conference Rooms 
  • Kitchen/Cafeteria Areas 
  • Lobby & Reception Areas 
  • Hallways, Stairways & Elevator Areas
  • Entrances /Exits
  • Private or Shared Offices

Why Total Sanitizer For Your Building?

High Powered

Total Sanitizer is 3rd Party Tested, killing 99.999% of most common illness causing germs and bacteria.


Alcohol Free Total Sanitizer poses no risk of flammability. Place anywhere in your facilty and rest easy.

Non-Toxic, Safe To Use

Completely non toxic and designed for repeated use, Total Sanitizer leaves users hands feeling soft, moisturized with long lasting protection.

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